Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I came across with nuffnang campaign which i think is very brilliant.It is a United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ‘Get On Board’ campaign to stop child abuse.Mommies what u waiting for?U could win sony cybershot W190 !!All u have to do is:
  1. Write a blog post titled, “Stop Child Abuse”.
  2. Tell them what acts of child abuse you would never want to see to happen again.
  3. Insert the image below into your post using the codes provided.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This campaign is open to Nuffnang Glitterati members only.
  2. Campaign period starts on 20 November 2010 till 11.59PM 10 December 2010. Week 1 is from 20 November till 11.59PM 26 November, Week 2 is from 27 November till 11.59PM 3 December, Week 3 is from 4 December till 11.59PM 10 December.
  3. Winners for each week will be chosen using a random generator.
    Only ONE blog post is required from each blogger. If you have already submitted your entry once, you will automatically be included in the draw for the subsequent weeks.
  4. Each blogger is only eligible for ONE prize. Results for each week is final and abiding.
  5. Nuffnang reserves the right to amend the Terms & Condition at any time without prior notification.

As a mom, we cant harm a child who once breath with us, eat whatever we eat during in our womb.Then child abuse is still happening in our society and culture.Should a child is a gift from god and we should respect and treat them as a wonderful gift.?What can a helpless child do when somebody treat them badly...

I cant write more because i tend to cry easily when imagining all the inhumane manner did by US!!grown up who suppose to protect the harmless child.

So readers out there please participate the campaign for a safe and better place in the future for our children.They are jewels for the next generation khalifah.....

P/s: how i wish i am a good writer boleh la i joint..sob..sob