Tuesday, December 14, 2010

baby sitter Oh baby sitter

Since i decided to move out to Kuala Lumpur next year(Gara -gara achik tak larat nak travel disebabkan minyak naik ...isk..isk..isk...) , the latest by february, the soonest by January....I was on baby sitter hunting for the the past a month.

Thanks to this modern technology so called INTERNET...i managed to find a quite charming babysitter in a website."See everybody babysitter pun hanya dihujung jari sahaja"hehehehehe.

Her place is only a block away from my office which give me the advantage of sending azryl late to the baby sitter and have some morning quality time with him...which i missed it alot...(I am so sorry son).Since i also planned to stay near my office tho it will coz me fortune(not really actually as my journey cost from nilai to Kl mencecah RM1500 per month)..its actually quite the same thing.Hopefully babah azryl and me dapat menyediakan duit cengkeram by next month.HUHUHUHU.

Oh, i forgot to mentioned that last weekend i went to see her.Her house fits for babysitting fancy mancy furniture..Only big pillows and alot of children toys.Azryl straight away crawling the second i put him on the play mat.The babysitter got i think it should be ok.Since she is so fluent with english i am not worried about azryl development.The soonest he is exposed with English Language the better.Ok achik bukan racist ok just sekarang dunia tidak menuggu long as he is understand with the basic english Language it should be ok.

The fees?quite expensive but i dont mind.RM400 is nothing compared to azryl safety while i am at work.If any chance i got to work late at night , she still can babysit him.Of course need to pay extra lo...Again i dont mind... i dont have to crack my head to find part time nanny...

I hope next year going to be a wonderful year to me and azryl.Itulah harapan saya sebagai seorang ibu.semoga saya dapat meluangkan lebih masa bersama putera yang semakin membesar itu.Saya akan terus merindui muka comel sewaktu dia bayi......Sob...sob..tak sangka anak terunaku dah setahun tahun depan...huhuhu

Again ...Please me in making this dream become a reality...Amin.


Unknown said...

anak dah besar
rm400..byk tu, azryl dah setahun tak dpt murah skit ke lin
tp takpe la
demi anak kan kita sanggup
lgpun dah jimat kat mileage
harap2 azryl akan dpt yg terbaik di sana

linziana said...

nak wat macam mana dayu ..itu yang terbaek yang lin boleh cari.Taska lin tak percaya.In case lin kern outstation dia boleh jagakan.Dia plak berjiran ngan bos lin..

Dayu seandainya ada cara lain...dah lama lin guna cara tu.Berhenti kerja jual goreng pisang.Tapi setakap cakap tak semudah bila kita buat.Lin pasrah je dayu.