Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Colours of Marriage

The reason why i want to write about this entry because i found out it is easy to get married and divorce now days.Britney spears once married only a few hours and divorce the next day.Not just that our Malaysia artists wasted i think nearly quarter of million of the wedding ceremony and the next few years after that we will see them filling a divorce case in syariah court.

Why get married in the first place when u going to divorce anyway?Is it by saying I do will ensure u going to last the marriage?Or By doing the vow everything will be just fine?

What is the correct interpretation of marriage?The common answer would be when the two people deeply love each other make the silent vow to God and promise each other to stay together untill the death breaks them apart.It will also include, you can have legal sex from now on!!!hahahahahah.

The thing is it is not just having legal sex.Its more towards completing and fullfill each other need.Wether we like it or not there will always a phase that we all have to go through.A phase that will move us to the next chapter of our life.The transformation of our life to become a full grown up.

Eventually after a few years, we tend to forget the vow that we already made last time.It is not entirely our fault as when we got married , the commmitment double ...and the sparkle of marriage began to fade when u got other things to focus....which is


No kidding ,the cost has a rise termendously throught the time.The jab cost from the moment the child is born i tell u ...u can make a downpayment for a new car!!

The cost of living also tend to preassure us in many ways, Petrols, food,tolls , Nanny and etc.
We woke up early in the morning and rush to work.Then on the way back u gt to face the jamm.To make it worst, a pile of work waiting on your desks every morning when u arrived at the office.
Oh my!!That were just some of the common problem.There are others which only married person knew.So how to make the spark and spice up your marriage life?I dont think kursus kahwin is enough because that only teach whats in the book.Standard.Not real.

A good teacher is your parent itself.How they overcome the situation and retained the relationship for 28 years, 50 years.Its quite long time u know....

Think of your marriage as a whole and not just a sum of its parts. Each element of your marriage comes together to create an overall feeling of marriage intimacy and closeness. When one part of your marriage gets off track, it's likely that other symptoms will appear. Don't just focus on the surface, look deeper to see what the problem really is.

Talk and listen.We know how to talk but we often dont really listen.Discuss with the partner everytime..There are no such thing of simpan dalam hati.Sebab akhirnya akan memakan diri.Be honest walaupun kebenran itu menyakitkan kadang-kadang.Think wise walaupun we tend to lose our balance.Oh and hell yeah have a frequent healthy intimate relationship.!!Doesnt meant u have kid u have to cut the size down wokey!!

It is because when both of u connected to each other , women 's body will release a hormone called oxytocin..and its good because it can make stress free!!And prolong your husband life of course.

So to all married couple out there i wish all of u the best and remember keep the sparkle shine ok babe!!

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. - Friedrich

Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day. - Barbara De Angelis