Monday, December 13, 2010

The miracle of Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

I thought i want to share this wonderful vegetables or fruits..with all of u .....

Pumpkin And Sweet Potato.


( tempting the sweetness of this gorgeous plant)
I combined this two gorgeous plant into azryl porridge and the result?Walla!!Azryl love it to the max.habis semangkuk bubur .....Its sweet, thick and very creamy and the color looks vibrant as well..It really attract the kid to eat them.
How do u do it?Simple...cook the the plain rice in the boilling water.Dice pumpkin and sweet potato.when the rice begin to thicken mixed everything and add more water...let it simmer for a while.Cook till the pumpkin and sweet potato become soften.Best u dice them into small bits so it will cook faster.huhu.Rest them to cool and blend together.U going to get nice, thick and sweet pumpto porridge(pumpto=pumpkin +sweet potato.hehehe).