Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skytress Adventure!!


Ada bran nak meneruskan cabaran yang begitu mencabar minda , jiwa dan raga?





















betulke bran tahap dewa nih?!!!
















Baik, jangan menyesal wokey?!!!I won't stop u












Yeehaa!!sky tress merujuk kepada sky matress climbing adventure.Masih belum berjaya meneruskan misi lagi.Takpe lalink practise make perfect!!!
Oh bagi yang sukan cabaran memanjat ,dan hati kering,
sila sahut cabaran di SKYTREX bukit cahaya shah alam.Memang gilos!!
Scary babe!! sky tracking bermaksud anda panjat pokok dan merentasi dari pokok ke pokok
hanya berbekalkan taili sahaja.Nasihat penting, jikalu anda ingin berjaya dalam cabaran itu...
Dont Ever look Down!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Porridge

Happy Monday everyone!!(tho i knew most of the mondays are sulky and sorrow...huhuhuhuhu)

First of all, I want to make a confession ,for being a bad mom..The reason behind it is because I should introduce to Azryl Porridge when he was at the age of 6 months old.But Due to my hectic schedule and afraid(alasan yang tak boleh diterima akal)...Makanya dia cuma makan nestum sahaja.heheheheh.still he managed to put on weight constantly.Oh lagi satu , called me paranoid because i am a working mom,and i got trust issue.Pada i only me can managed my son perfectly no others.Mean to say i didnt trust his babysitter 100% especially in handling baby's equipment such as botol susu, bekas makanan and so on and ketakutan itu menjadi nyata where my son was admitted in the hospital due to gastro entritis because of viral infection.hoho..its too risky for me to give him porridge unless he is ready.
So yesterday with my huge and termendous effort hehehe, i made him Pumpkin Porridge and a little bit of chicken breast meat ...its to give some meaty flavor to his porridge.

The ingredient is simple...All u need is:

1.tiny pieces of chicken breast

2.pumpkin(slice in cube)

3.Chicken stock(fresh one..boiled cicken untill u got the essence..kebetulan my mom buat nasi ayam)

4.rice(clean and put the rice in the oven for drying purpose and blend)


Slow fire boiled the blend rice until it looks like porridge or u cook the rice in the rice cooker first then, when its half way cook take two spoon or three spoons of the rice and put in the non stick pot.Add more water or chicken stock ....cook till it start to thicken and sticky...At the mean time u can add the pumpkin and the chicken breast.

Cook till u satistify with the taste and the look of course.make sure the pumpkin is soften and easy to mash laterWalla!!

the final result.Azryl lover the pumpkin as he finish half of the bowl.And He looks Happy.When he is happy the proud mummy also happy... :)

And this morning I made him Potato and anchovies porridge.I use USA potato as its texture suitable to make mash potato.It took less time to cook as well.The achovies is to bring the natural taste of the salt.It is so easy peasy to prepare his porridge after all.hehehehe.The final result of the porridge look like this:

OH, my mum blend the porridge because she afraid azryl might choke when eating the anchovies.uhuhu.Its because today azryl is with the babysitter,So we dint want anything that might be choking hazard to the boy.

I believed by giving him fresh porridge everyday make it less risk in food poisoning problem.Bukan tak boleh Prepare for 2 or three days stock but i couldn't take the risks giving him frozen food due to his fragile stomach problem.I am so afraid the baby sitter didn't understand my instruction well and ended up given him the contaminated food.

So his porridge is fresh and warm and the baby sitter dont have to preheat as it is securedly put in the thermosk.hohohoho......

I cant wait to discover and venture in the art of making baby porridge.It surely fun as i got to cook to my precious lil' one. :)

(Azryl's chubby leg when he was 6 months old...Lets walk together azryl!!)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Playful Kiss Review


Call me crazy but this drama is super duper awsome!!

Playful Kiss is based on the Japanese manga Mischievous Kiss. Brought to you by Group Eight (Goong and Boys over Flowers). The drama has previously been made ifor Japenese and Taiwanese audiences and they both were a huge success!

Playful Kiss is about a popular and genius male student named Baek Sueng-jo who has a stand-offish personality and Oh Hani who is a female student who makes up for being not-so-genius by always being smiling and happy. An earthquake destroys the girl's home and she and her dad end up living with the boy's family. The girl has kept this boy in her heart but she has never received any assurances of her love being reciprocated. Fun and groans ensue as they interact and rub off on each other
Main Actor:XoXo!!!(Super cute!!)

Heroin of the Drama: pretty Gal!!

Seung Jo Rival:hehehehe..he is funny .

Its Also got extended version...bought to us by YOuTube.Oh my...Seriously once u watch it u will going to stuck n front of PC.I really reccommend this drama.Simple and yet so romantic.

kamsahamida Viikii team for the subbing and video.!!

Smile BAby Smile!!


I was so freaking tired yesterday with puffy eyes ..running nose because i cant stop sneezing.Its not flue as i dont feel my body aching.It must be i was allergic to something..Oh dear.....

Enuff of my endless complaint bout running nose and panda eyes..

This Post is about my boy finally understand instruction!!It is a wonderful achievement i guessed..Hehehehe.I ask him to smile infornt of the camera and he gave me the sweetest, cheekiest smile ever!!!Alo-alo-alo.......tak jadi mummy nak marah sebab buchuk gigit mummy sampai lebam...huhuhuhuhuhu...........

okayla lets the picture tell the story.....

(Oppsie, charger mummy jadi toys...)

(Sebelum tito pose dulu... :))

(Never fail to melt mummy's heart....)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prince william To Marry Kate Middleton

Woot! Woot!!

Its already confirmed by the Royal Family prince William Going to marry Kate Middleton on 29th April next year at Abbey!!yeay!!!


William and Kate ended days of suspense by choosing the abbey, a grand venue where members of the House of Windsor have been crowned, married, mourned and buried. The abbey was also the site of the funeral for William's beloved mother, Princess Diana.
Palace officials said the two were on "cloud nine" with their wedding choice and want the nation to share their joy.
"We know that the world will be watching on the 29th of April, and the couple are very, very keen indeed that the spectacle should be a classic example of what Britain does best," said William's private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.
William and Kate chose the centuries-old abbey in central London because despite its size — it holds 2,200 people — it has a sense of intimacy, particularly at the altar, which stands at the head of a smaller, partly enclosed space called the sanctuary.
The date — after Lent and Easter but before the 90th birthday of William's grandfather, Prince Philip — allows the pair to have a spring wedding. It also the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, whose name Middleton shares.
Best of all for the people of the realm, the day, a Friday, will be a public holiday.
St. James' Palace, the offices of Princes William and Harry, stressed that the Middletons and the royal family would pick up the bill for the wedding — the flowers, the reception, the honeymoon — everything apart from security and transport costs. The couple say they are mindful of the country's tough times.
Much public money already flows to Britain's royal family. Taxpayers sent the royal household 38 million pounds ($60 million) last year, and the queen also receives 7.9 million pounds ($12.5 million) each year to pay for staff and other costs.
However, the family earns millions a year from its vast land and property portfolios. Prince Charles' vast estate, the Duchy of Cornwall, earned him 17 million pounds ($29 million) last year. The royal family pays millions in tax on its earnings.
But while all parties involved in the wedding want to ensure that a balance is struck between an enjoyable day and current budget woes, analysts like Patrick Jephson, longtime private secretary to the late Princess Diana, say the austerity argument "doesn't cut it."
"This is a future king and a future queen, this is the most famous young royal in the world, and it will indubitably be compared to his mother's wedding, so for all these reasons, the palace won't want to be seen as downgrading it," Jephson said.
He wondered what aspects of the pageantry of a royal wedding could be cut without disappointing masses of people.
"What do you want to lose?" he said. "The number of bridesmaids? The ride in the coach? The mounted escort? The Beefeaters? You can do it, but you'll regret it, and people around the world will be disappointed.
"This is about making people happy, not about wearing a hairshirt," he said.
There's no charge for the venue, but there will be competition for space. Many of the abbey's seats will be allocated for diplomatic and protocol reasons, leaving relatively few for the people William and Kate really want to invite.
People around the world are awaiting the spectacle, including Reza Mohammadkhani, 41, from Los Angeles, who was outside the historic church on Tuesday.
"I love the whole kingdom thing," he said.
The abbey has centuries of royal history. Queen Elizabeth II was married there, as was her mother.
But the newlyweds-to-be also have to confront a host of difficult memories associated with the abbey. William was 15 when he walked behind his mother's coffin at Diana's funeral in the abbey in September 1997.
"It must be hard for William to be in the abbey, but it's just another way to keep his mother with him I suppose," said Jackie Lentendre, 33, a mother from West Brompton in southwest London.
Several other members of William's family have wed there, including the queen's sister, Princess Margaret, in 1960, William's aunt Princess Anne in 1973 and his uncle Prince Andrew in 1986. All three marriages ended in divorce.
No matter what, it beats getting married at St. Paul's, a gorgeous London landmark tarnished by echoes of Prince Charles' and Diana's fairytale wedding in 1981 and their subsequent unhappy marriage.
"I think it's a good choice for her not to go in Diana's footsteps," said Marlene Bache, a 38-year-old Danish tourist outside the abbey. "(Diana) was an icon, and now she's dead. I think (Kate) should be herself."
The choice — and the date — are William and Kate's first moves to put their own stamp on their big day. The couple, who Lowther-Pinkerton described as being "over the moon," are taking an active role in planning all the details — including the guest list.
"I've never seen two happier people," he said.
****If they told me the news 8 years ago i think i would cry because he was such a cutie back when he was a teenager.Now he resembled mor like his father...hohoho)
(Source yahoo.)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Antilia-Mukesh Ambani 's Palace.

Do u know ladies ad Gents ...who is Mukesh Ambani?hehehe.I also didnt know this person either but after listening to Fly a few weeks ago saying that Mukesh Ambani Palace said to be the world most expensive house wokey!!! To add the wow factor ,he is the fourth richest man in the world!!

The chairman of Reliance Industries, whom Forbes magazine forecast to be the world’s richest person by 2014, is all set to move into his mansion, named Antilia, after a mythical island in the Atlantic, by the end of this month.

Constructed in Mumbai’s downtown Altamount Road, the palatial building Antilia is a twenty-seven floor (560 ft or 173 m) building that took seven years to complete. It is situated on a 4,532 square metres (48,780 sq ft) plot at Altamount Road on the famed Cumballa (Malabar) Hill South Mumbai, India, where land prices are upward of US$10,000 per square meter. The skyscraper has a whopping five football pitches of floor space.

(This is a House or A palace...I have no idea.Its sure pretty big for his Family)

The palatial Antilia
The first six levels of the glass tower, which stands about 174 metres, has a garage where more than 160 cars can be parked and has nine elevators, the reports said.
On the top floors of the house, with a sweeping view of the city and out over the Arabian Sea, are quarters for the 53-year- old tycoon and his family of four. The family will occupy about 400,000 square feet, making it the largest home in the world.
Towering above the Mumbai skyline, the 37,000sq ft tower is grander than the Palace of Versailles in France. To keep things running smoothly, there is a full-time staff of 600.
It is designed by Chicago architects, Perkins & Will and is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Melbourne-based construction company Leighton Holdings began constructing it but it has been finished by another company.
The skyscraper will have 3 helipads including air traffic control area on the top floor. The building is equipped with amenities such as a health spa, and small theatre with a seating capacity for 50 on the eighth floor. Other features include multiple swimming pools, three floors of hanging gardens, and a ballroom. Included in the tower are six floors of parking – the seventh floor is for in-house vehicle maintenance. It has been reported in the media to have a current extrapolated value at between US$1 billion and $2 billion, making it the most valuable residential building in the world. Reliance, however, said it cost U$50-70 million.
The 53-year-old industrialist is expected to move into his palatial home with his wife Nita Ambani and his three children Akash, Anant and Isha later this month.

(Antilia's Ballroom- A ball room in the House?!!!Can u imagine???)

(okey this is Antilia's bathroom..I almost mistakenly thought this is a make up room somehow.So spacious!!!!)

U see what u can do if u have money?U can do almost everyhting u want ok?Money=Power.
U can design your own house, have hundreds of maid, not to mention your own private jet,U even dont have to shop because u own the shopping complex.hehehehehe.
The only thing money cant buy is our young age , and die of course.It only prolong our life span with the helps of expensive vitamins, new eart transplant, botox , platlet injection to look young , personal trainer to keep fit...plastic surgery for flabby body..and the list goes on and on....
So u guys out there have u ever dream to have a mansion or house like mukesh Ambani?Its not possible u know as everything is possible nowdays.And its started with tiny dreams. :)

(Credit to Life's So beautiful for the story and picture)

Monday, November 22, 2010

3rd Jab pneumococcal Vaccine Done!!

Fuh lega rasanya as i finally manage to complete azryl additional vaccination.Tho its cost me alot...(sweating......)anything for da prince as usual. :)

His weight is constantly increase...not too much only few hundreds gram.He is considered as tall baby by the paed(ooohhh.... i love to see the paed tho.he is comel. hehehe :)).Credit to Dr francis, Paed at the KPJ Specialist Seremban Hospital.Sorry my son spill his saliva all over your hand doc.

We will see u again when My cheeky-cheeky bom bom Prince reach 1 year old!! See u next year Doc!!

susah betul amik gambar ini budak.Asyik bergerak je huhuhuhu.

Kisah dDisebalik Hari Tashriq

Hari Tashriq merupakan hari dimana umat islam diharamkan berpuasa.Tahukah anda kenapa Umat islam diharamkan berpuasa pada hari hari tersebut?

Menurut pemahaman saya,(tazkirah ini disampaikan oleh ibu saya yang mendengar kuliah di masjid):

Ini kerana pada 10/11/12 Zulhijjah, Upacara berkorban dilangsungkan 3 hari berturut turut dan waktu zaman nabi dahulu , since they dont have refrigerator, daging-daging tersebut dijemur sehingga kering.Jadi lebih kurang ia merupakan hari untuk meraikan kerana terdapat banyak makanan yakni daging.Maklumla kan hari hari tashriq ni terangkum dalam Musim Haji.

Sebab itu Umat Islam diharamkan berpuasa pada hari-hari tashriq ni.

Sekian. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Erti Sebuah Pengorbanan

Aidil Adha menjengah lagi untuk kesekian kalinya.Syukur masih diberi peluang untuk bernafas di bumi yang merupakan hanyalah sebuah pinjaman semata-mata.Bagiku erti pengorbanan itu terlalu subjektif.Terpulang pada individu bagaimana untuk mentafsir sendiri erti korban .

Di dalam Al-Quran nurkarim telah termaktub sebuah kisah bagaimana seorang Rasul dan Nabi yang bersedia mengorbankan anaknya sendiri demi Perintah Allah.Tapi itu hanya merupakan ujian untuk nya dan itu juga merupakan betapa tingginya taqwa dan iman yang dimiliki oleh nabi Ibrahim.Bagaimana pula aku?yang hanya memiliki iman senipis kulit bawang.Belum tentu lagi lagi aku sanggup untuk melakukan sedemikian rupa.


Bagi seorang wanita, termaktub sejak azali lagi kita dikurniakan dengan satu keistimewaan yang luar biasa.Apabila Allah menjadikan lelaki dan perempuan, Ditanya Allah "siapakah yang akan melahirkan zuriat untuk menyambung generasi umatmu kelak...makanya wanita juga yang bersetuju untuk menggalas tanggungjawab yang maha berat itu.Setiap inci tubuh badan wanita telah direka dengan penuh teliti oleh ALLAh s.w.t untuk menahan segala kesakitan,walupun pada dasarnya wanita mempunyai tubuh badan yang halus.

Jadi tanggungjawab untuk melahirkan dan mendidik semuanya diatas bahu wanita..............
Kita wanita sejak azali lagi telahpun bersedia berkorban selama 9 bulan atau 40 minggu membawa zuriat penyambung generasi.jMakanya para suami sekalian , sayangilah isteri anda kerana mereka merupakan permata berharga didalam rumahtangga anda.

Semoga, Hari raya qurban pada tahun ini memberikan seribu makna buat kita semua.

salam Aidil adha..............

Monday, November 15, 2010

Working MOM vs House wife MOM

Since I have a son...I always in dilemma wether quit job and become housewife and limited income or stay working and have sufficient amount of income but less quality time with the child.

After considering alot of Pro's and con's i decided to work.

Here i Give 4 solid reason why i decide to continue working tho its really heart breaking living my precious son early in the morning ...

1.Of course working give u extra money to lavish yourself and not giving your Husband headache to pay the bills.( I am not ready to do business on my own because i am not that kind of person.Orang kata nak seribu daya tak nak seribu dalih.Well put me in that category.)

2.U not depending so Much on your husband.It gives u a bit of Power.Meaning?Bila u ada duit sendiri, u dont have to seek his permission to buy this and that.Because its your own money.U earn it .In this brutal world, rata- rata yang i observe (excuse with my bahasa rojak), walau macam mana Angel pun the suami, but if the isteri often nagging him for more money , En en Yang bergelar suami ni confirm berasap.seperti biasa si suami tak tahu bahwa 50 ringgit dah tak ade nilai.kalu bawa p pasar cuma ikan kembung 3 ekor , sayur seikat daging tak sampai setengah kilo je buleh beli.Kita mintk lebih sikit mula lah depa sekalian membebel.............

3.Dah belajar penat penat berbelas-belas tahun confirmla kena aplikasikan ilmu yang kita belajar kalu dak sia-sia jer.Tapi ada housewife yang panjang akal.(ini maybe i nak aplikasikan nanti bila ada peluang.)-Mengajar atau buat tuition untuk anak-anak jiran tetangga.Still-Ini memerlukan ketekunan dan minat untuk mengajar.Kena selalu update dengan pertukaran syllibus yang berlaku setiap tahun.

4.Independent-Automatic u akan jadi seorang yang berdikari tanpa perlu si suami untuk advise u nak buat apa.I tell u, ini cerita i sendiri, Waktu i sarat mengandung, my laki pulak nun jauh di perlis, towards the end of pregnancy i still drive on my own.beli groceries semuanya sendiri.Yang paling i tak leh lupa waktu lif rumah i rosak, I climb up to 15 tingkat to reach my home.hehehe.Thats something i tell u.Perlu diingatkan jangan terover berdikari nanti si suami ambil kesempatan sebab semuanya kita tahu buat.Sometimes lebih baik pura-pura tak tahu.

Walupun reason nye tak banyak tapi the main point is at least i am not depending so much on him.The reason why i am the person who hate to waits.I dunno why But man always take things for granted.We women, although tiny and small things we took it seriuosly>For example anak sakit.Anak demam selagi anak tu tak nyawa-nyawa ikan dibawaknya ke klinik biasa.tapi hati mak ni dah meronta nak bawak p sepital.kalu buleh sepital swasta supaya anak selesa sikit.Tapi kalu tak bekerja manalah boleh demand lelebih..nanti silap-silap haribulan bergaduh pulak.

Di zaman kelembapan ekonomi nih.. punca keruntuhan rumahtangga yang UTAMA ialah DUIT.
Dan kita sebagai perempuan ni selalu dilema.namun demi masa depan anak-anak biarlah kita berkorban walaupun hanya hujung minggu masa untuk kita bersama permata hati.

Kerana saya mahukan segala yang terbaik untuk azryl makanya saya bekerja.semua yang diperolehi hanya untuk masa depan azryl dan adik-adiknya nanti.

Friday, November 12, 2010

9 Months Old baby Azryl


Azryl is nine solid months today!!The very same day , Holy friday , the day u were born son..same like your mother :).

At the age of nine months, your pace of development is at par.You grown up so much but steadily and not rushing.You enjoy being u very much!! Your eating behaviour is well, mummy can assume it normal.I am so sorry son , i havent provide u a good porridge yet and now your main meal is only nestum wheat and honey.U also eat bread and milk.When u got the accute gastroentritis last month it really tore me into million pieces and i am getting even more paranoid about your food.Still, u already taste the miracle of Rice.hehehe.Dont ever forget as a malaysian you must eat rice wokeh?

You sit steadily now and u even know when your name is called.You can crawl super fast as well.Not just that u even can play with the ball.U love mummy babling to u.And U seemed to know already that sometimes mummy ought to leave u because of my work duty and only Allah's know how much i cried everytime i left u whenever i am off to work.U are very very close to me untill u cant even let me take proper bath anymore ... Oh dear......

Your sleeping habit dont changed much as u woke up at 3 or 4 am and start playing untill 8 am.This led to big panda mark to my eyes son.Its ok darling, Afterall u are my prince. :)

So I am hoping u will discover more of this life son...Dont worry mummy will guide u till u are ready to face the brutality of this world.
Till then baby...i love u so much.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have u ever Plan For your Children Future?

On the way to my office, I was thinking about what azryl gonna be when he grow up....
It's not that I am going to force him to be what i would like him to be ...but i want to guide him.......(Doa ibu selalunya makbulkan?...)

I hope he will become a Good Paediatrician. Because i want him to help a lot of helpless children in the future..Bayi-bayi terbuang, kanak-kanak yang tak cukup nutrien....
Still it depends on his interests later....As a mother i am so grateful if he use his own gift and talent to do a lot of good thing for the benefits of other living things.Tak kira la binatang ke , manusia ke...
Because ilmu yang dimanfaatkan sebaiknya akan menjadi syafaat didalam kubur nanti kan?

Insyaallah, if god willing and proper guardian , I am going to give my very best in shaping Azryl into a good future leader....amin.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interesting Fact bout me.

I came across wif dayu journal bout the 30 days challenge..hehehe

But belum sampai seru lagi untuk menyahut seruan cabaran free itu...nanti nantilah nak pergi bertapa supaya datang 'aura' menulis blog.

Still it give me idea to jot in my blog.for the past feww weeks bukan tak ada idea nak menulis.banyak sangat..sampai tak tahu mana satu nak diceritakan dulu..tapi kepala ku berserabut sekali takut ayat yang ditulis tak sama atau disalah ertikan oleh pembaca yang membacanya.......................

Ok lah.....................


1.Keras kepala-Adoyai , tak tahula ni sikap positive ke negative sebabnya tuan empunya blog ni susah sikit nak dengar pendapat orang lain.Bukan tak dengar tapi selalunya ditimbang tara masak-masak..walaupun kadangkala keputusan dibuat berdasarkan kata hati

2.Panas baran-Ini tak dapat dinafikan lagi asal ada salah sikit je kompom telinga ni cepat merah...tapi cepat sejuk.Saya tak pernah bergaduh dengan suami lebih sehari.

3.Sensitive- Tuan punya empunya blog ini memang senang berhambur air mata, nak nak tengok binatang kena dera, binatang mati tengah jalan, bayi dibunuh dengan kejam..

4.Pantang Mengaku Kalah-Ini memang prinsip hidup.Bagi saya , Jikalau saya yakin saya betul sehabis-habisan saya akan buktikan saya betul.kalu saya salah saya akan mengaku dengan relanya walau pada mulanya susah untuk menerima.Suatu masa dahulu, ada yang berkata otak saya ni lembab, memang tak boleh bawak pergi mana.Masa depan gelap.Saya akui laluan hidup saya tak rata, saya merangkak dalam setiap arah tuju namun saya sampai juga walau dengan seribu kepayahan.

5.Mula belajar bercinta umur 18 tahun-Gatal jugak tuan empunya blog ni.Setelah berkahwin saya rasa lebih baik bercinta selepas kahwin.Sebab?saya rasa bercinta selepas kahwin itu indah..entahla...

6.Lasak-Mak memang lasak dari sekolah lagi.Kaki mak ni, zaman sekolah penuh parut.jatuh la, lebamla dek main bola baling.Haaaa, bukan tu aja seawal umur 14 tahun mak dah tawan 2 buah gunung.Gunung Tahan dan Gunung Nuang.hehehehehe.

7.Berat badan Macam Yoyo-Adoila... ini masalah negara!!Tak tahula nak maintain berat badan ni macam mana.La ni jangan cakapla badan macam tong.Malu la nak sarung seluar jeans..Selepas beranak, hanya turun 18 kilo.Sedangkan naik dekat 30 kilo.Macam mana nak buat?

8.Pernah tipu keputusan periksa-Okay waktu saya darjah lima, dek takut dengan keputusan periksa menurun maka dengan beraninya saya liquidkan keputusan periksa saya .wuahahahahahahah!!Akibatnya saya didenda oleh bapa saya yang sememangnya garang itu.hohoho scary wokeh!!tapi lucu jugak.

9.Tak pernah terpikir nak Jadi Engineer-Serius!!Walau saya berada dikelas sains tulen yang rata-ratanya semua nak jadi engineer dan doktor, saya seorang minat pakaian beragam.Saya nak jadi polis,Bagi saya jadi polis wanita ni cool sangat!!provided badan kurusla.Toink!! sila berhenti berangan ye linziana.Nak dijadikan cerita fizik saya sebenarnya cukup macam dan saya pun mengambil keputusan untuk ikut arus aja.Tup-tup dapat course engineering dan akhirnya jadik jurutera keretapi.Siapa Sangka?Semuanya Datang Dari-NYA.Alhamdullilah....

10.Saya Tak nak Kahwin AWAl- Ye, inilah hakikatnya...saya kalu boleh nak kahwin umur 30 selepas kerjaya stabil dahulu, menikmati hari bujang selepas berhempas pulas menenung buku.Tapi sudah suratan makanya saya terima seadanya.

11.Saya suka cerita Korea- Zaman uni- lagi saya memang suka layan cerita korea walaupun bukanlah secara serius tapi cerita cerita dari negara korea telah menceriakan hari-hari suram saya .Saya syorkan anda menonton MY girl, Palyful kiss..dua cerita ini evergreen.Hero hero pun not bad.Pereka fesyen Malaysia buleh cilok idea baju yang dipakai oleh mereka.Up to date and sangat fresh ..cute sekali..hehehehe.

12.Saya Makan Apa sahaja-olak benda yang haram dimakan, semua saya tibai wokeh!!Sayur, rumput ke bagilah saya tak menolak.hehehe(no wonder badan macam apam)

13.Saya bertangan Kidal- Tapi saya menulis tangan kanan.hehehehe.Segala permainan melibatkan tangan saya pakai tangan kiri macam badminton ke, bola baling ke...

14.Saya nampak sombong- Sebab muka saya serius sentiasa tapi cubalah tegr sapa saya kompom macam ayam saya celoteh..pot pet pot pet......ish ish...ish...

15.Handphne saya selalu tak tahan lama-Tak tahu la ni sumpahan ke apa...Setiap tahun mesti ganti handphone baru.Pening la mak macam ni.I bukan nyer IT savy atau Gadget freaks..Cumanya handphone i ni cepat jer kong.kerja kat ;andasan kekadang jatuh atas trek.Pehtu tengah pegang elok elok entah macam mana leh tergelincir la pulak...haish....nasib-nasib...

Wooo...bayak betul la fakta-fakta mengenai empunya blog ini.Cukupla kot...Nanti macam syok sendiri la pulak jadinya.Till then gorgeous!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Maka Putera saya sudah boleh merangkak!!


The prince finally boleh merangkak tanggal 7 november 2010.hehehe...Such an adorable boy...

He loves to talk in his own language..'mamamamamama...babababababa.....'

I am so proud of u son!!

(bz playing with his bag.he is so obssessed with any type of ropes.)

(kena denda duduk atas rumput as pantang lepa sikit dah bawa dia punya ufo aka walker kemana mana sampai letih mummy nak mengejarnya.ish...ish...ish...)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Korean Drama Madness

hallo gorgeous!!

My life currently not so well .. as i had to face this so called marriage problem but nevertheless it didn't ruined me completely .Thanks to my stone 'heart'.Life must go i got a cute Lil' angel by my side.hehehehehe

Anyway ...thats not the point of this post actually....I want to tell u olls that what bright my days lately is KOREAN DRAMA!!

hehehe i am soooooooooooooooooo into it ...sometimes i drool myself watching the cute and romantic korean drama.

I highly recommend U guys to watch PLayful kiss.So comel ok?buat mokcik yang menulis ni berangan sakan..

kalu u guys nak tgk citer ni, i got till episode email la ek..hehe..till then