Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Porridge

Happy Monday everyone!!(tho i knew most of the mondays are sulky and sorrow...huhuhuhuhu)

First of all, I want to make a confession ,for being a bad mom..The reason behind it is because I should introduce to Azryl Porridge when he was at the age of 6 months old.But Due to my hectic schedule and afraid(alasan yang tak boleh diterima akal)...Makanya dia cuma makan nestum sahaja.heheheheh.still he managed to put on weight constantly.Oh lagi satu , called me paranoid because i am a working mom,and i got trust issue.Pada i only me can managed my son perfectly no others.Mean to say i didnt trust his babysitter 100% especially in handling baby's equipment such as botol susu, bekas makanan and so on and ketakutan itu menjadi nyata where my son was admitted in the hospital due to gastro entritis because of viral infection.hoho..its too risky for me to give him porridge unless he is ready.
So yesterday with my huge and termendous effort hehehe, i made him Pumpkin Porridge and a little bit of chicken breast meat ...its to give some meaty flavor to his porridge.

The ingredient is simple...All u need is:

1.tiny pieces of chicken breast

2.pumpkin(slice in cube)

3.Chicken stock(fresh one..boiled cicken untill u got the essence..kebetulan my mom buat nasi ayam)

4.rice(clean and put the rice in the oven for drying purpose and blend)


Slow fire boiled the blend rice until it looks like porridge or u cook the rice in the rice cooker first then, when its half way cook take two spoon or three spoons of the rice and put in the non stick pot.Add more water or chicken stock ....cook till it start to thicken and sticky...At the mean time u can add the pumpkin and the chicken breast.

Cook till u satistify with the taste and the look of course.make sure the pumpkin is soften and easy to mash laterWalla!!

the final result.Azryl lover the pumpkin as he finish half of the bowl.And He looks Happy.When he is happy the proud mummy also happy... :)

And this morning I made him Potato and anchovies porridge.I use USA potato as its texture suitable to make mash potato.It took less time to cook as well.The achovies is to bring the natural taste of the salt.It is so easy peasy to prepare his porridge after all.hehehehe.The final result of the porridge look like this:

OH, my mum blend the porridge because she afraid azryl might choke when eating the anchovies.uhuhu.Its because today azryl is with the babysitter,So we dint want anything that might be choking hazard to the boy.

I believed by giving him fresh porridge everyday make it less risk in food poisoning problem.Bukan tak boleh Prepare for 2 or three days stock but i couldn't take the risks giving him frozen food due to his fragile stomach problem.I am so afraid the baby sitter didn't understand my instruction well and ended up given him the contaminated food.

So his porridge is fresh and warm and the baby sitter dont have to preheat as it is securedly put in the thermosk.hohohoho......

I cant wait to discover and venture in the art of making baby porridge.It surely fun as i got to cook to my precious lil' one. :)

(Azryl's chubby leg when he was 6 months old...Lets walk together azryl!!)