Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have u ever Plan For your Children Future?

On the way to my office, I was thinking about what azryl gonna be when he grow up....
It's not that I am going to force him to be what i would like him to be ...but i want to guide him.......(Doa ibu selalunya makbulkan?...)

I hope he will become a Good Paediatrician. Because i want him to help a lot of helpless children in the future..Bayi-bayi terbuang, kanak-kanak yang tak cukup nutrien....
Still it depends on his interests later....As a mother i am so grateful if he use his own gift and talent to do a lot of good thing for the benefits of other living things.Tak kira la binatang ke , manusia ke...
Because ilmu yang dimanfaatkan sebaiknya akan menjadi syafaat didalam kubur nanti kan?

Insyaallah, if god willing and proper guardian , I am going to give my very best in shaping Azryl into a good future leader....amin.