Friday, November 12, 2010

9 Months Old baby Azryl


Azryl is nine solid months today!!The very same day , Holy friday , the day u were born son..same like your mother :).

At the age of nine months, your pace of development is at par.You grown up so much but steadily and not rushing.You enjoy being u very much!! Your eating behaviour is well, mummy can assume it normal.I am so sorry son , i havent provide u a good porridge yet and now your main meal is only nestum wheat and honey.U also eat bread and milk.When u got the accute gastroentritis last month it really tore me into million pieces and i am getting even more paranoid about your food.Still, u already taste the miracle of Rice.hehehe.Dont ever forget as a malaysian you must eat rice wokeh?

You sit steadily now and u even know when your name is called.You can crawl super fast as well.Not just that u even can play with the ball.U love mummy babling to u.And U seemed to know already that sometimes mummy ought to leave u because of my work duty and only Allah's know how much i cried everytime i left u whenever i am off to work.U are very very close to me untill u cant even let me take proper bath anymore ... Oh dear......

Your sleeping habit dont changed much as u woke up at 3 or 4 am and start playing untill 8 am.This led to big panda mark to my eyes son.Its ok darling, Afterall u are my prince. :)

So I am hoping u will discover more of this life son...Dont worry mummy will guide u till u are ready to face the brutality of this world.
Till then baby...i love u so much.