Monday, May 26, 2014

Tak ada rezeki

Shortly after i updated my blog, miscarriage happened .There again, i went into the gloomy  dark,time.I wished this birth is going to be a healing birth but Allah has planned another thing for me.
I cried almost everyday.
I hope there will be a rainbow for me soon. :(

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hi lovelies i'm back and 6 weeks Pregnant!


Assalamualaikum sayang sayang sekalian.Yes its been a while since i've updated the blog.I can see the cobweb is here and there.Life has been pretty hectic this past 1.5 years since my angel passed away.I was so occupied with work and always travel to the north peninsular malaysia to give client training.And as time passed heart begin to mend.I still cried because i missed my baby so much.I still calling his name in my sleep.Namapun mak kan?teringat dekat anak tak pernah berhenti.As for my eldest son?He still not yet going to school.Next year baru pergi.

Later if i got time i will spamming my blog with his cheeky picture.He is big boy now.Sangatla becok.Bangun tido dah start enjin mulut dia tu.Tutp bila tido jer. :P.

And here is the shocking update.Yes!i am expecting again.Although my cinta sayang jarang datang and precautions step were taken,Kun Fa ya kun..Diberi lagi KAsih dan Sayang-Nya untuk hamba yang banyak berdosa ini dengan kehadiran zuriat didalam perut ku ini.Perasaan ?terkejut.Shock!dan happy.Terasa syahdu sikit pembawakan kali ini.Ku terdetik nak buat UPT test lepas badan agak lain macam sebelum Menstrual lewat menjengah.Second line hadir secara malu malu gitu.I knew i just pregnant.Nothing much changed this time from the previous pregnancies except my boobies is killing me.So tender and fragile till i didnt even dare to touch.huhu.

Since the pregnancies gap quiet close with the previous one only differ by 18 months, i terus rush ke homeopathy practitioner since badan i rasi dengan ubat tu.He gave me something to stabilize the hormones so that i wouldnt think that much,  something to straighten the womb, every month dah fix the date la.Next appointment with hospital.Pun dah buat jugak.This time kalu Dia Izinkan me ertemu permata ini ku ingin bersalin Di PPUM.MODern government Hospital.Seb baik Hubster ade GL.So i can use that GL later.Its going to be plan C-sect.

Now, Dengan rasa rendah diri dan rendah hati, rakan rakan , ku minta semua mendoakan kesejahteraan anak ini beserta diri ini.Doakan kami selamat ye?XOXO.

Nanti ade masa ku update lagi.

Salam sayang dari me lin.