Monday, May 26, 2014

Tak ada rezeki

Shortly after i updated my blog, miscarriage happened .There again, i went into the gloomy  dark,time.I wished this birth is going to be a healing birth but Allah has planned another thing for me.
I cried almost everyday.
I hope there will be a rainbow for me soon. :(


Tengku Fauziana said...

Banyak bersabar ye lin..
Allah S.W.T sayang u..tu dia duga u..
Be strong hikmat nyer tu nanti..

Aan Andes said...

Salam Takziah Lin. So sorry about this. I know words can't change anything, but I hope you hang on and stay strong. Kebetulan sangat terdetik nak contact Lin last week..but have been very busy.

Take care k..your son need you to be there for him.