Friday, November 26, 2010

Smile BAby Smile!!


I was so freaking tired yesterday with puffy eyes ..running nose because i cant stop sneezing.Its not flue as i dont feel my body aching.It must be i was allergic to something..Oh dear.....

Enuff of my endless complaint bout running nose and panda eyes..

This Post is about my boy finally understand instruction!!It is a wonderful achievement i guessed..Hehehehe.I ask him to smile infornt of the camera and he gave me the sweetest, cheekiest smile ever!!!Alo-alo-alo.......tak jadi mummy nak marah sebab buchuk gigit mummy sampai lebam...huhuhuhuhuhu...........

okayla lets the picture tell the story.....

(Oppsie, charger mummy jadi toys...)

(Sebelum tito pose dulu... :))

(Never fail to melt mummy's heart....)