Monday, November 22, 2010

3rd Jab pneumococcal Vaccine Done!!

Fuh lega rasanya as i finally manage to complete azryl additional vaccination.Tho its cost me alot...(sweating......)anything for da prince as usual. :)

His weight is constantly increase...not too much only few hundreds gram.He is considered as tall baby by the paed(ooohhh.... i love to see the paed tho.he is comel. hehehe :)).Credit to Dr francis, Paed at the KPJ Specialist Seremban Hospital.Sorry my son spill his saliva all over your hand doc.

We will see u again when My cheeky-cheeky bom bom Prince reach 1 year old!! See u next year Doc!!

susah betul amik gambar ini budak.Asyik bergerak je huhuhuhu.