Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giggly, wiggly..., wobbly adventure!!

Morning Peeps!!Still remember my entry about Skytress Adventure?Hehehehehehe,...
Here i sertakan video sekali bagaimana my cheeky cookie monster giggling while trying to stand , climb and crawl.Fuh!!very exausting to handle the little one..(Err ... i think little not suit him anymore since he gain weight quite a lot...must be my nutricious poriddge fault.hohoho)

----------WARNING!!! In the video u might see one big kaki gajah or badak which ever u like to call and hats my leg.I am huge ok?!!-----------
Just ignore the leg wokey?hehehehehe
Ada part yang dia jatuh tersembam ..seb baik ats tilam and he still can laugh...Oh boy..I thought he would start to cry in soprano voice but he just laugh.Thanks to my little sister who distract him from crying.
Ok peeps !!let's enjoy this amature video taken by me. :)