Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Wise Octopus

Waka Waka THis time is Africa !!!!

For the first time Spain is going to Final!!!!I am not a football maniac but i like to watch couple of the game provided the game start at 10 pm.hehehehe.The most interesting topic in World Cup is the wise octopus...the name is Paul...

U see, last time Paul used to predict a lot of matches and the team the he chosed usually won!!!Just like the Spain team....

Oh Paul si Sotong kurita ajaib...andai kata ko buleh predict wether my company going to give increament or not this year kan best???????heheheheheh

Nevertheless the game must continue to go on as Germany must face the Uruguay team for the tird and Fourth place this weekend.

I will just watch the replay game only.hehehehe.

Till then peeps.. muah ..ariba ariba!!!