Monday, July 12, 2010



Perasan tak Kat supermarket sekrang baik susu or baby's food semuanye ade 2 jenis, satu GOLD , satu lagi biasa...hadehla..kalu GOLD pepaham jela kan harga pun GOLD jugak.

Since Azryl dah 5 bulan, tangan ni gatai betul nak beli Nestle GOLD baby's food which are apple cereal Gold and Prune cereal Gold.

Looks delicious to me ;) .........

There are other brand such as Heinz and Gebber but i dont reckon the ready made bottle food for our child as tho they said no artificial colouring ,perservatives or whatsoever i doubt la.Think logic , nasi sehari kalu tak simpan dalam peti pun basi , inikan pulak mashed fruit or custard and etc.Surely ade tul tak ?Jadi lebih baikla buat sendiri.But cereal to me wokeh hehehehe.

Now azryl is currently on Bellamy organic baby's rice.He took the cereal very well.A tablespoon everyday...would made him poop twice per day..!!i am not worried about constipation anymore. :)

So dearie mummy cant wait to buy u Nestle GOLD plak..see how u can take it or not.