Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Small and simple But Give Great Effect

Hi !!! :)

Yesterday ma husband managed to squeeze his time to visit me.Today he is heading to Melaka.
I was very happy to see him last night as we barely see each other after i moved to ma parent house.

The story i wanna share with you guys is .....this:

As usual ,we headed to restaurant to have some dinner as he said to me that he wanted me to eat with him.hehehe.Right after we finished our dinner he paid the bills.The bill was 19 ringgit.Husband gave him50 ringgit But the cashier gave 33 ringgit!!as the balance is actually 31 ringgit.I thought my husband going to remain silence about it .I was wrong.
He gave back the two ringgit to that cashier. (i was wondering why he act like a Saint???)
On my bay back he explained to me that I ate my dinner..and the nutrients from the food i ate become milkwhich will drink by my son.Kalau buleh dia nak anak dia including me dapat makanan yang baik, bersih and halal.So lebih baik dia bagi balance tu untuk dapat berkat dalam makanan.(ooooooooooooooooooooooo....i was speechless and at the same time terharu la)
Bukannye ape,walaupun ini nampak sikit aje tapi kesannye begitu mendalam tul tak?

So my dear hubs cant wait to see u this weekend. :)