Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Government Vs Private Hospital Finale.

I think i did promised to tell the story right after i kena warded at HKL.HKL sapa yang tak kenai?selruh kes teruk-teruk semua refer sana.Famous la kan for government hospital and super crowded as well.kalu di private we can have peaceful mind while entering there provided u stand by with a handful of cash. :).

Di wad bersalin, dah ghupa macam kilang buat anak.U will see adegan tolak troly sepanjang masa.U will see woman crying because of the pain labour.U will see intern Dr asking an endless question to the patients .Macam polis pun ade.I pun tak terkecuali di soal siasat.But the Interns were friendly.I still remember this young chinese guy. He was an intern at HKL..quite friendly asking me tones of questions.Since i ni diconsider as late booking, so i terpaksa jawab soalan-soalan yang diberikan.Antaranya:
1.When is your last period?-I cant really remember
2.Have u ever miscarriage before?-No
3."Mam, you seems to be overweight , have u ever done MGTT before?"-my answer yes,and i dont have diabetes or blood preassure problem.And he asked "ok why u didnt go for the second time?-My answer is , the dr said is not neccessary as i dun have any problems at all.

Ade banyak lagi soalan sebenarnye yang i pun dah tak ingat dah.The interview session went up untill 1 and half hours.

So, sepanjang berada di wad 3B tu, every 1 hour tekanan darah kena ambil, and baby's heart beat graf kena ambil.Still no sign of contraction.At that time i was sad, excited and bored.Sad because i had to leave my cats at home,my husband not around because he need to settle everything at home pluss men were not allowed in the ward.Excited because , finally i got to see my little ones!!.Bored?because i was all alone, nobody to talk to,tho beside,and infront of me there were other patients waiting to explode.heheheh.

Anyway my scanning session with the specialist schedule at night.So that they can decide wether i have to go for c-sec or not.While waiting my turn, finally i got courage to go to other's women bed and greet them.I met new friends!!One of them was a young woman, younger then me, her water already broke for one hour, no sign of pain as she can talk and laugh with me..hehehe.The other one was slightly older then me.She has to be induce as she got diabetic problem.We chatted untill the young lady started to feel sharp pain.That was my first time to see a woman cried in agony due to give birth.I tried my best to calm her, nassage her back coz she got nobody.Her husband died right after she got pregnant.I was speechless at that time.No wonder she was all alone.At the mean time i asked the nurse to look after her, biasalakan depa nak seluk dulu bukak berapa cm,but she was only dilated 3 cm.It seems that she cant hold it anymore.I tried to convince the nurse that i thought she is ready to go to the labour room.The nurse mcm marah jugak kat i coz dia kata belum masa lagi.I suruh dia reconfirmed , there u go 4cm dilate.Sudahnye nurse tu suruh i balik ke katil i and rest.what the hell!!i just want to help the helpless woman, who got nobody else just like me.The only different is my husband not died yet.Deep in my heart i hope she will be safe.By 3 am she safely dilivered a healthy baby boy.His face resemble her late husband.She cried wokeh..i was nearly cried as well.She lost a lot of blood.She couldnt nurse her baby properly and her baby cried and cried and cried.I was so pity of her.I helped her to look after the baby.Since darah nifas dia banyak, she asked me to help to look after her son , coz she need to change her pad.suddenly she collased!!i quickly called the nurse and first time i nampak darah macam daging lembu seberat 1 kg jatuh bedebub !!She fainted.She quickly gone into labour room one more time.Dia mengalami tumpah darah yang amat dasyat.I pity her son.And this time i cried.That morning i felt so helpless i, myself got to fast due to my c-sec was schedule that morning and from a far i can hear her baby screaming loudly.kalaulah i boleh bantu bagi susu ....nasib baik that morning her mom datang and look after her.She look white due to loss a large amount of blood.Lega sikit i.Secretely i pray that may Allah help her...
I stayed in the hospital 3 days 2 nights.She was discharge same day as mine.I said to her if u need any help dont hesitate to call me...untill now she never contact me.Probably she forgot about me or she is buzy coping with the new life.

AS i mentioned before i safely delivered azryl at 2.08 pm on friday afternoon.everything went smooth... :).Husband seemed happy and he waited for me patiently outside the operation room untill he fall asleep.Di a pun tetiba jadi peramah as banyak beno nurse muda-muda yang comel.
Typical man.Cannot do anything.....

So pengajaran yang i dapat sewaktu melahirkan is, sentiasa bersyukur dengan apa yang dah diberikan....kerana ada org nasibnye kurang baik berbanding kita.Ade org yang lebih menderita dari kita..sentiasa merendahkan diri kerana itu akan membuatkan diri kita disenangi..

I hope that one day i can meet her again..semoga bahagia menyinari hidupnye selepas ini...amin..


yaya+frdz+auf said...

wow.... pagi2 trs baca entry ni. soo sad. :( btw, nice entry.....

linziana said...

thanks yaya...i pun sedih actually, waktu dia pengsan i sebolehnye try to support her..i takut luke jahit dia terbukak ke..walaupun time tu i sarat..semoga dia bahagia lepas ni..harapnye.