Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Last weekend i dengan my siblings bersemangat p cinema tengok wayang(At the same time i felt guilty leaving prince at home)>The movie called INCEPTION.Leonardo is the main character.

I nak tanyala kat u olls, have u seen the movie?if yes..the ending part was a bit puzzled... dunno
weather its in reality or he was still dreaming?

Will u explain to me so that it is clear?haiyo maafkan makcik nih..lama dah tak tengok wayang semenjak ade anak nih...

Oh one more thing,there was a lady that caught my eye attention.Bukan i nak mengumpat ok..but i feel sad.Sad because she bring along her baby inside the cinema.I dun mind if the baby cried but my concern is the extremely loud noise came from the movie that might hurt the baby's ears.I dun really enjoy the movie because i kept thinking about Azryl.

Mommies, this is my personal opinion, i dun think it is a good idea to bring infants in the cinema.First it is not good for the infants hearing,second he might not comfortable in the stuffy place.and third he might catch cold and flue..or fever due to the temperature of the air-con inside the cinema....

hmm entahla..maybe i am bit Conservative bila sampai bab macam nih..maafkan makcik no??


Aan Andes said...

Exactly, u have same thought with me. I bukan marah sebab nanges ke apa, but more worry about bunyi bising. After all they are so fragile kan. Kalau pegi mall pun kalau ada event ke I'll bring Zahra jauh2 frm the noise. Kesian budak tu.

linziana said...

Betul la aan...sedih i nengok baby tu ..tak tahu pape, yang mak nye cam tak guilty pun...i x enjoy pun tengok cerita tu coz kesian nengok baby tu.lagipun cerita tu pening pala. :)