Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stoning Soraya(Sangat Kejam)

A movie that u must watch .......Its a sad true story in a small deserted village in Iran.

The story takes place in 1986, just as Khomeini is coming into power in Iran. Undercover French journalist Freidoune Sahebjam (Jim Caviezel) is traveling though a small southwestern village when his car breaks down. Surrounded by strife but left with little choice other to wait until his car is repaired, the anxious Freidoune is soon approached by persistent local Zahra (Shohreh Aghdashloo), who convinces him to follow her into the courtyard behind her home. There, she reveals to him that she has just borne witness to a most heinous crime. Just the previous day, Zahra had watched the men or her town stone an innocent woman to death. That woman was Soraya (Mozhan Marnò), long-suffering wife of abusive tyrant Ali. Soraya wed Ali in an arranged marriage, never realizing the horrors that she and her children would endure under her husband's heavy hand. When Ali requested a divorce so that he would be free to marry a 14-year-old girl, Soraya boldly refused, knowing that she and the children would most certainly starve to death without a husband to support them. Ali was too poor to return Soraya's dowry as custom dictates in a divorce, but he found another way out of the marriage. Under Shariah law, adultery is a crime punishable by death if the accused is unable to prove her innocence. Scheming with the newly installed, counterfeit mullah, Ali accused his wife of adultery. In order to ensure that she had no chance of defending herself, he blackmailed several male villagers to testify on his behalf. A tribunal was quickly called, and Soraya's fate forever sealed. ~
The saddest part is..the husband throw stones followed by her own son , followed by her
father....and they dont allowed soraya's parent to bury her dead body but to just let the body eaten by the wild dogs.Can u imagine what it is like when her own mother picked up the leftover pieces of bones and flesh of her own daughter who was mistakenly abused by her own husband?????

And funny part is they just let the husband got away and not be punished at all.In fact he didnt married that girl because that girl suddenly refused to marry him.Dan Perempuan, seorang isteri yang tidak berdosa itu dizalimi dengan kejam sekali dek perbuatan Suami yang rakus hawa nafsunya.....

Sedih sungguh...sepatutnya ISLAM bukan agama menindas kaum wanita.Didalam Al-Quran sendiri terdapat surah khas untuk wanita.Why??

Air mata jatuh tatkala melihat anak-anak lelakinya merejam batu terhadap ibu mereka yang langsung tidak berdosa....itu.....