Monday, July 19, 2010

Fifth Months Old Vaccination


Azryl has successfully took the fifth months old jab pretty well.He lovessss to see the Dr.His Dr's name is Dr Francis.Quite charming Dr hehehe(excuse me please.... :) )

Lets see his jab is include the :

1.DPT (dos no3)

2.Hib (dos no 3)

3.IPV (dos no 3)

Overall my lil boy is ok with weight 9.24 kg(syabas beta!!naik lebih kurang 0.4 kg), His height is 70cm, one teeth can be seen clearly when he smile, another 2 teeth coming up soon.(I am quite worried coz he loves to bite my nipple when he is on my boobs.(scary part...ooooo)

Oh , forgot to mentioned that azryl got caught with minor eczema near his ear.He kept scratching his ears untill behind of his ears bleed a little.The Dr gave him cream to put behind his ears pluss some oral medication.I remember the cream's name elomyd+trysd, the syrup medicine i couldnt remember...its abit complicates.hehehe.Anyway the cream is quite is because we can used it whenever our child got nappy rash, rashes due to the body heat, and milk rashes(due to latching and clinging to our boobs for quite long happened to azryl most of the time)

Next Jab is on 6 months old where he ought to take second dose of pneumococcal vaccine pluss rotavirus vaccine as well..This will cause mummy to faint ...hehehehe.Its expensive !!

Still..tho mummy broke next month , u are my top prority..prince.More important thing is you are healthy, your smile worth a millions, your chubby leg , your innocent eye is something that i cant simply replace with anything else.Mummy love u damn much.

love u son...very much!!

P/s i took this picas on our way to Seremban Specialist Hospital..He slept through out the journey ...eheheheh

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