Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pru I Care


Have u oll's covered your loves one with medical insurance?Well currently alot of insurance company offer protection for child.Even Prudential itself the only insurance company that covers baby as early as 18 weeks in the womb.

I bukan ejen prudential wokeh, but i found that is interesting!!Waktu i pregnantkan azryl well i thought its enoughla my company punya insurance.U see, the good thing bout my company is semua ahli family i depa cover.From my husband towards my child.If u got 5 children , dun worry be happy, they all are fully covered as well.Hehehehe...

Tapi tak selama-lamanya i akan bekerja dengan company ni tul tak or mungkin i kerja sampai tua tetapi polisi company mungkin berubah thats why i prepared siap-siap walaupun takla secepat mana as i took insurance plan for azryl when he was 4 months old.

The best part about Prudential medical card is , it is not just medical card bit for education savings as well.So with 100 per month azryl will be covered for 50k per year .This policy can be change from time to time...depending on how much u can effort to pay or when your child is 18 years old how much savings for his or her education u want.Its up to u.

If anything happen to the payee iaitu omaknya yakni me..the insurance is free till he is 25 years old.

(dah bunyik macam ejen la pulak.hehehe.Anyway i relieved that he is covered now.Malang tidak berbau.As a parent we always want everything the best for our child , right?.)Do share your experienced and opinion regarding this matter ya mummies.

(kad baru dapat semalam together with the insurance policy.hehehehe.Loga makcik.)


Aan Andes said...

Hmm's important for u to have insurance. Me tak buat lagi because thinking company sekarang cover..but ya lah..until when kan? I'm not going to be here forever. Need to have one asap.

linziana said...

yup aan..I pun takut jugak company i nih..manalah tahu nanti dia limitkan quota plak.Haru i...Since company dah cover just ingat yang kita punya ni untuk savings dia nanti. hehehe.