Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goverment Hospital vs Private Hospital (2)


As makcik ni promised i would like to continue my own experienced with government hospital and private hospital.

Disebabkan ini my first pregnancy,i pun check up kat dua dua tempat , one is klinik ibu mengandung, second klinik pakar wanita at i mentioned before.
The reason why at klinik ibu menangandung yang i pergi at Bandar baru sentul tu taka de provide scanning.They just listen the baby heart beat using a cup...or it looks like a cup.At first when i saw that cup i cannot hold myself from laughing wokeh?...not just that they measured our belly using tape.Mabeles!!because from the height of your belly they can estimate how many weeks of your pregnancy.I continued to do my routine medical check up over there untill the very end 39 weeks and 9 days.hehehehehe,

I thought i already mentioned that Azryl was born through c-section.

Now ,this is funny part...
Actually i was not overdue like i mentioned to the HKL Dr and nurses.It was because i was afraid with ma baby condtion.Since i decided to give birth at government hospital,therefore my private gynae suggest me to go to hospital early.Last check up they baby was around 3.8 kg.Usually HKL wont except patient unleast it was overdue.My gynae also said the water around baby was getting less everyday tho He was at that time in a safe condition.

Since Chinese new year celebration was just around the corner, The hospital will surely crowded with patient but less staff especially gynae.

So i just told the klinik ibu mengandung to get a reference letter by showing my scanned baby picture.Usually the scanned was overhead from the schedule.Coz Azryl is big.

Straight away the next day , me and ma husband went to hkl lenggang kangkung.I didnt bring anything.Coz i thought i might not be warded that day.My asssumption was wrong.Luckily i already packed everything , my husband just need to grab them when he reached home...

(Panjang berjelakan?hehehe..makcik sambung part three plak no?? as there were interesting stories when i was warded at ward 3B haritu.Quite touching story..nantikan ye?tho i doubt ade yang nak baca..