Friday, June 11, 2010

Nanny aka Baby Sitter

This topic is vey important to the fulltime working mothers just like Me.Yesterday,as i was on my way back, Azryl Babysitter suddenly rang me and said wether i was be able to fetch myson a bit early coz she had something going on.The things is unplanned and out of the blue she simply asked me like that.Lucky me my mum be able to fetch him as this week currently is school holiday week so she does not occupied with my sisters schedule..the things is i dont rely on my mum so often because she got her own time table plan as i do.Its not that my house and the offce is near dude!!hallo nilai and kl was way too far from each other.

I was quite upset with this scenario la...what if this thing happend again where i will not be able to fetch him as well as my mum.?I was so devastated now..I am not that type of choosy and complicated ...i just need some body that will be able to take care of my precious son properly.I do not care how much i need to pay long as my son is in safe hands...Why it is so difficult?

Haiyo,.......I need to speak to her today regarding this matter.Dun worry wont scold her just give her note to aware me at least one day earlier so that i can PLAN.