Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IF i....

Got enough money.........,

I dun want to work, infact i want to be full time mommy to my lil' prince.Not just that, i will straight away pack up my clothes and fly straight to my hubby.I just want three of us together under one roof.No more seperation.

But..Life is not as easy as we always want is.But it is not wrong to plan.

Plan stage 1:
1. Save enough money to buy house equipments.
2.Find a good baby sitter near the office so that i dun have to travel so far to go to work.
3.Obviously find a house to rent.Its easy but depending on the budget of course.

In three years time we going to make another plan, wether i have to move to Perlis or vice versa.Duit buleh cari, but quality times with the prince is something that tak buleh ditukar ganti.Day by day dia membesar and that moment tak akan berulang dah.Provided if u want a second baby of course.hehehehe.....

Nevertheless its always a heart breaking to leave azryl with big wide smile every time i went to work.Tears always falling out easily when i start my engine early dawn..heading to work.
Oh Mighty Mercy, untill now U always make my motherhood jorney went smooth,Now I Plead U Again, as Your Hopeless Servant,Please ensure my son is safe and I do really hope someday three of us will unite separation .......ever...amin.


m@Ri@ said...

lin kena pindah perlis ke?