Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love= ????

Hallu peeps.....

Savely arrived at the office....
Today on my way to work..i was thinking about first love.Surely everyone must have their own experienced about this.U know, First love memories was indeed such a sweet thing.Because that time we open ourself 100% to a stranger and gave ourself commitment 100%.

My first love?

Started when i was 18.....yup sweet 18.It happenned to be when i was still studying in matriculation center.Let me called him as "H".He was totally an angel, sweet and kind hearted.I was so deeply in love with him..u know orang baru bercinta surely angau kan..hehehhe.But of course in every relationship there must be obstacles ...hmmm sadly to say it was my fault.

Yeah buruk and hudoh kalu seseorang perempuan merosakkan sesebuah hubungan rite.Thats our culture perseption.If lelaki yang merosakkan sesebuah hubungan itu..well people will say oh tak ade jodoh nak buat macam mana.

We made up untill two years but when i made to university everything has changed.Since i got Up north university so called University Merata Perlis(thats other name tho.hehehehe.Its actually unversity malaysia perlis) i found another man.Yes.It was not meant to be like that.
This i didnt planned as i already got myself a future with H.Because of me i ripped his heart and tore it in pieces.I admit this is my fault and I sould bear this thing towards the end of my life.
This man that ruined everything happened to be my current husband now...but after alot of circumtances and obstacles pluss the unsual experienced that i had to gone through ......fuh finally we got a son now.Maybe thats what people meant by kalu ade jodoh takkan kemana.....

To H, i knew it was my fault but i never failed to pray for your happinness every time when i was thinking bout u.U deserved the best.Untuk setiap yang berlaku there must be a reason.And To people outthere, If u ever face experienced like me, Dont 100% blame your self.Kadang-kadang it was meant to teach us a lesson so thatwe never forget HIM, The AlMIGHTY.

Between me and current husband A, our relationship is more towards completing each other life.He truly showed that he deserved me more after he could bare all my maki hamun( yes peeps i selalu memaki hamun dia because of my break ups with my first.Berdosanya aku ...,)
Tho there is no such thing of sweet and smoochy talk between me and A, everytime he came here and meet us(me and son),He tried his very best to complete our needs.

I still remembered when i admit at the hospital to give birth to our son, he cleaned the house fed my furkids,make sure me got everything that i need in the hospitals.He even slept at the parking lot ..coz government hospital does not allowed husbands to come and accompany their wives.

Mungkin pada pandangan mata kasar itu biasa jer and mungkin sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan pasangan lain.But still he tried his very best.

So peeps terimala pasangan anda seadanye.Tidak perlu dibandingkan dengan org lain kerana kita selalu alpa ape yang ade di depan mata.Lumrah manusia apabila yang didepan mata tiada barulah kita rasa kehilangannya.Sentiasa bersyukur dengan segala nikmat yang diberikan ,nescaya mendapat balasan DARI YANG ESA.....

Syurga seorng isteri terletak di tapak kaki suaminya..DAn mudah-mudahan KU menjadi seorang isteri yg solehah .......amin.