Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear beloved blog,

Yesterday was the fourth day Azryl aka super elo did not poop.which made mummy's heart worried.Haish....lucky the same day he pooped twice!!haiyo what a great relief wokeh to listen from his baby sitter that he finally poop.I thought of taking him to hospital the next day...

I am not worried if he is fully breastfeed as breast milk will digest well in the stomach.But unfortunately super elo drinks two types of milk.Formula and breastmilk.He was fully formula during at baby sitter house and fully breastmilk whenever he is wif me.
According to the baby sitter the texture of the poop is not hard..which is good and the color also ok..double good.hehehehe.Well i need to drink fruit juice from now on..pity him la for the past four day.Mummy loves u ok super elo..and u going to be four month soon.

Lets check it out what u capable of when u enter 4 months old:

How I Grow
I turn my head in all directions.
I lift my head when I'm on my back and grab my feet with my hands.
I prefer sitting to lying down -- it's more interesting.
I stretch my legs out straight when I'm on my back or stomach.
I can hold small objects in my hands.
I put things in my mouth.
I splash and kick with my hands and feet when I'm in the bathtub.

How I Talk
I babble and copy sounds like coughing and clicking my tongue. I can do this for a long time.
I coo, grin, and squeal with joy when you talk to me.
I can tell you if I am happy or unhappy by the sounds I make.
How I Respond
I love to see myself in the mirror.
I like some people and am shy or scared of other people.
I can tell if I am in a new or strange situation or place.

How I Understand
I can remember things for about 5 seconds.
I know if something is near me or far from me.
How I Feel
I get excited when I'm having fun -- everything is a game to me.
I may cry when you stop paying attention to me or take a toy away.
Stranger Shyness

At around 4 months, many babies start to respond differently to the people they know and the people they don't know.
Baby will talk, coo, and laugh with the people he sees every day. But when a stranger (perhaps even Grandmother) picks up Baby, he may be quiet or even scream.
This is normal behavior and a sign that baby is aware of the people around him.
He is learning that not all people are the same. He is likely to accept new people after he has spent some time with them and knows that he can trust them.

OOOOOwww so thing i noticed super elo likes to play 'peekaboo' wif mummy.Cant wait to see u darl..till then..hug and lots of kisses to u .