Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roll over Baby

I am super duper excited..super elo managed to roll himself to the other side this morning.Thats mummy's boy.the energetic boy.I knew u can do it.!!

He is four months now and getting cuter, chubbier and hairless (uh ooo)hehehehe. Maybe thats why malay culture made the majlis cukur jambul so that new hair can grow ...nevertheless despite being hairless he still maintained with the cuteness smile ever.!!!

And being a four month old baby ,he is now drinking milk with fruit juice.heheeheheh yes dude fruit juice.The reason why he managed to poop everyday with additional juice is in the milk.And i guessed it taste better coz he loikes it so much. :)without any single spill of milk left inside the bottle.

here is a video i managed to capture before he is going to sleep.This video made my day u know.Oh my dear super elo, u do not know how much i love u....and always love u...muacks.