Monday, June 21, 2010

First solid food for little A

Hmmmm, i knew some mothers quite strict with their children in terms of given the infants solid food.Strictly 100% milk from first day till 6 month old.But not to me.Azryl development well quite fast.His first teeth alredy shown up amd according to baby center, only the baby can tell us wether they are ready or not taking the food.

Azryl first semi solid food is Bellamy's organic baby rice.It was super delicious as he ate it quite alot.Half of a tablespoon.hehehehe.

I mixed it with milk.and walla..he giggle , smilling and even shouting.hehehe.Apart from that i also gave him papaya juice.It is simple ..mashed the papaya and take the juice only.he loves it.It is to prevent the constipation of course.(oh my god i am so obssesed with this topic nowdays).And one more thing, i realized he can drink water from the spoon instead of the bottle as he always rejected it whenever i tried to gave him .Gave me headache.heheheh.But overall is is happy.
And again, its up to the parent to decide.As for my azryl..that will be his menu during lunch time.
Cant wait when he reached 6 months old.So many types of fruit and vege to discover.Hope he loves veggie just like his mummy.Behold , azryl picture after taking his first semi solid food

He likes to post wokeh!!

Till then..remember mummy loves u too much!!muah