Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying Cars Everyone?

Hot topic Peeps,

Yesterday i was caught in bad it was rainning heavily in Kuala Lumpur.I was thinking " i wish i could fly".
And today on my way to work, while listening to FLY FM they were talking bout the flying cars.yeah baby, a car with two sets of wings.and it cst around 760,000 Ringgit Malaysia only.ONLY???way toooooooooooooooo expensive for me.
For now i just can dream about it.Can u imagine travelling to every where in this whole by our own car?No need to buy flght tickects anymore.Bakrupla MAS dan seangkatan dengannya.
No more hassle in the taffic but we might caught in the air traffic?hehehehehe.Cant imagine when that times come.

here are couple of picas of the fliying cars.......till the next entry.... chao.....