Friday, June 18, 2010

Azryl Pneumococcal Jab

Is tomorrow.....

Therefore i need to prepare myself as he might catch slight fever due to the injection.
I need to breast feed him as much as i can coz breastmilk is good to build his antibody .So far
my boy is a tough one.He is a fighter coz evry session of injections he didnt catched a fever which i am thankful to GOD.

Regarding his progress he likess to roll even while he was asleep.gosh..I need to be more alert next time.

Super elo..u have no idea how much i love u, and i dun want u to pay whatever i gave to u ..because u are my true precious son.And because this is mummy's love towards u.

Cant wait to hear u say "mummy". :)