Thursday, June 10, 2010

Help i need some sleep..

Gloomy morning to start with...

Gosh, I had a hectic schedule for this week and i nearly surrender wokeh...seriously i need some rest wif nothing disturb me.

Since i stayed in nilai ,the travel distance between home and the office seems to be like from the earth and the moon.FAR... FAR... awaY..........ayayai...
With sleepless night i have been through for the past 4 months making my head turned topsy turvy...Seriously i need to adjust my skill on time management.Please lin...u cant say time is not enough for u..because there must be a reason why 24 hours is considered as one day.because they must calculated it and say its enough for human being to get rest,to feed their stomach , to full fill all their need in just 24 hours.

Before this i used to stayed just nearby office and i was like lenggang kangkung ...and took my own sweet time to get up.Hello!!knock it off!!

You got super elo now................that means u got to readjust and please move from your lazy zone towards energetic zone.

1.I need appropriate rest
2.Well balance diet as i still breastfeed azryl
3.should considering taking additional supplement to keep my energy level always UP
4.Less thinking about all sorts of,husband,being hehehe

there u go, tho i am super duper tired seeing super elo after came back from work is like i aleady won a big price after working one whole day....seeing his sincere smile make my heart melted.And all trouble thats been oozing ,buzzing around my head mysteriously dissappeared.
Seriously baby's always amazed us each day wif their new skills and abilities.
Nevertherless i am grateful that I was been chosen By HIM to be a mother to a wonderful dear super elo.

So peeps here is a short video for u taken while super elo was sleeping last night...enjoy