Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommy, daddy and son day out!!

Hi peeps!

since i havent update this yummy blog(its yummy according to me.hehehe),Actually i got loads to jot down here..Because last week apparently i was officially 27,(yeah babey!!another three years to go to hit 30.)

Not to forget Azryl completely can walk on his own when he reached 13 months old.Yeah that little pokemon of mine been bzz zooming here and there, in all around the house with his new ability.He walked super fast u know.huhuhu..a bit tirring for me..but overall this single mommy is super mommy remember?eheheh

Oh, another update is azryl completed his pneumococal vaCCine last saturday with minor fever after that.He is ok now i guessed. :).Still his thight is still need to be under supervision as he got This bengkak around the injection area.But not that serious.(I will call babysitter later for his update).

Another thing, azyl daddys managed to bring two of us to Morib!!yea!!For the record i havent been to beach for ages.And over there is quiet windy so it is perfect for me to play kites!!I havent played the kite for i dunno how many years?

Oh my..suddenly i missed my childhood so much!!

At that day it looked like i am the one who is over excited rather than my son..Because?I played and my hub babysit azryl,heheh...sekali sekala ape salahnye?


Ok lah me tempekkan kat sini afew pictures ya?By the way peeps its good to be back and Happy monday!!


m@Ri@ said...

yeay jalan2 makan angin