Thursday, April 21, 2011


Morning gojes ...

This entry is going to be sad entry

Oh my..where should i start..

Actually currently i have some issues regarding my marriage cert as i urge and pushed my husband to settle it down since it's been 5 years already.(Kepada kengakwan bujang yang nak kahwin di luar negeri tak kira la kat siam ke mana ke, make sure u have to get it registered within 3 months.Dont ever delayed the process or u going to face the same problem as mine.)

Tho something fishy is going on within my husband sides..i still hang on to this faith.But it doesn't mean i sit down quietly and do nothing.(Pada yang musykil,whether my son ada birth cert or not , yes ada, because the Malaysian embassy at songhkla already certified that this marriage is sah .)

I will do everything on my own.sart with consult peguam syariah this matter.What can i do about it since my husband take for granted all this thing.

Ok thats why i was so pissed off yesterday!It concerns my son's right.what ever connect to my son future memang me akan naik hantu.

move on to my work issue plak.

Ada this makcik which happened to be my team leader.(I think dia kaut semua kerja sebab nak naik pangkat cepat since dah 10 tahun dok macam tu jek dia.tak kemana ,dia sorang jer yang membuat ot, orang lain tak nak pun)

tu tak jadik hal to me as i respect her as a leader.Cumanya dia ade satu perangai..very annoying

She likes to ordered us doing work without having black and white..In the end of the day dia lupa dah bagi kerja and keep tambah segalanya..and kalu tak siap hantar barking email siap big boss pun dicc nyer.ok..kalu sekali me tak kisah.banyak kali.Bila diri ini selalu di pun hangin terus jumpe big boss and cakap the whole scenario..

after that shoot her counter email walau dia kat sebelah jer pun..tempat duduknya.Without evidence u can't defend yourself.I've learned my lesson very well.

Tapi..nak buat macam mana kan dah makan gaji..kena deal dengan pelbagai ragam,.Thats why i tak suke jadi designer.I prefered work on site.Tengokla kalu azryl dah ok next year i think i need to change my post.

Till then gojes..sorry for my emo entry.


s h a said...

saba ye dear...biasala keje makan gaji...setuju ngan u...manusia ni mcm2 ragam...huhuh...

btw, hope ur probs settle cepat...

linziana said...

me pun hope the same thing shee..i have to do it on my own now.

harap me dapat bertahan towards the end

Liys lah! said...

:) takmo emo2 ok?
hehe.cewah nasihat org, padahal i pun sama!

anyways, thank you for dropping by at my blog! :))

m@Ri@ said...

inikah penyebab penulisan emo lin di fb..huhu..semoga semuanya selesai dgn senang..