Friday, January 14, 2011

A special Love to a special You

Bai Fang Li, died 93 years old, lived in poverty. Yet, he donated an aggregate
sum of RMB 350,000 to universities and schools in Tianjin to help 300 poor
children in need.

For almost twenty years, he paddled his tricycle earning Yuan by Yuan to
save up for his donations.
His lunch was two buns and plain water. Luxury to him was the sauce he put
into the water. Dinner was a piece of meat or an egg. What he wore was what
he picked from the dump. Any extra piece was luxury.

He paddled 365 days a year every year, in the snow and in the soaring heat
of 50 degrees C. He started at 6 in the morning and finished at 7 or 8 at
“It’s alright I suffer,” he said, “But let the poor kids go to school.”
90 years old, he arranged his last saving of RMB500 neatly in a box and
handed to Yao Hua School, saying, “I cannot paddle any more. I am not able
to donate any more. This shall be my last …”
All teachers in the School wept …

The last image people had of him was his photo inscribed, “A special Love for
a special you.”
(To me he is such an honourable man..If we seen here in malaysia..People would easily asking for help..but Mr bai kept paddling untill he cant paddle anymore..and the most beautiful thing is he donate all his money to the school..A stranger that nobody ever knew him..but at the end of the day his name is famous all around the world because of his kind heart.
I was crying when i read this article.May he rest in peace.)


Aan Andes said...

Serious? OMG..air mata I pun meleleh ni..tak sangka ada org mcm ni

SnAfiah said...

sad :(

linziana said...

tula aan,...tak sangka ade orang baik giler dalam dunia ni..tanpa prejudis, tanpa berbelah bahagi..semua duit gaji di beri pada sekolah untuk bebudak susah belajar.... :(

linziana said...

siti : me sad too :(