Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parenting info (Fromm aan blog)

ngee hehehehehe, I like to read aan's blog because sometimes i got tips and infos regarding tips for parenting, cooking and not to forget breastfeeding!!

Ok let's see, here a simple quiz to tell us briefly about our style in raising our child.As i said its only briefly explain the outer side only ,tho its consists alot more then we can ever imagined.

I can be labeled as the 'On the Go' mommy.Meaning..I have to be strict regarding time brain is already set to be in order so that i wont face disaster later on.4 am sharp i woke up every morning without fail to prepare azryl's porridge.walau macam mana sekali penat pun i , bubur dia is my top priority.Walaupun buleh buat banyak on weekend and freeze them in the fridge but i prefer to give him fresh.To me, its cruel to give my son makanan dalam fridge while i hari-hari makan makanan fresh kat opis.(again lain orang lain caranya and this is my way and my own personal opinion..No harm done here wokey?).By 5 am , azryl dah bangun and i terus bukak tv kasi dia tengok cerita kegemaran dia while i terus buat kerja rumah untuk ringankan kerja my 5.30 am kasi azryl breakfast(yes peeps azryl makan earlier then me.)The reason why, dia lebih kenyang dari just bagi dia susu...and good mood up untill my mom send him to his nanny.Mandikan dia at 6. am wif me.azryl mandi dengan i .hahahahaha.senang two in one.terus siapkan dia and siapkan me to pergi opis.I cau from rumah at 6.10 a.m.(see u can imagine i macam lipas kudong bekejar kesana kemari..Tapi i puas hati, i tinggalkan my son dekat my mom dalam keadaan dia kenyang , fresh, and selesa.Nanny azryl tak banyak kerja la kan sebab dia hanya perlu bagi azryl susu and tidorkan dia.itu sahaja.huhu.Balik, by 8 pm azryl already gone to bed.and me, siapkan his stuff and me untuk hari keesokkan nya.Thats my routine everyday.Walau hari weekend hari bermlas-malasan but i still wake up early because dah jadik routine.pehtu achik sambung tido balik bila azryl tido kul 10 am.huhuhu......

And result parenting style ni macam hampir tepat la jugak kat i.hohoho....
The Planner

The Pros

The Cons

Ok la peeps..till the love..


Aan Andes said...

Haaa..interesting! Ada banyak style parenting.. yang penting bottom line, we mommies want the best for our children :D

linziana said...

teeheeehee , betoi aan..lain parent lain caranya, tapi at the end of the day..its all about the precious priority. :)