Friday, January 7, 2011

Hari itu bakal tiba lagi...

What to expect when your marriage finally hit 5 years old?after all the truth came out last year i decided not to hope much...

As long as,

1.Azryl's need is the top priority no matter what happen

2.My life scope including my job is not mess up.

3.Dont expect me to put high hope on u dear husband.

That's it.Simple but sure tough.I begin to accept the fact that no matter how much i brag and nag about the fact that u cheated me for 4 long years..i still can bear with it.Because our precious should not be retarded by us.We should not put any harm and harsh act on this innocent child.Don't expect too much on me as there may be times that i can't prolong our marriage relationship anymore and again husband let's hope for the best.

I am wondering whether u still remember our 'special day this month'.Because i am not going to bring it up eva again.Its up to u wether u want to celebrate the day we became husband and wife or not.Because its not one of my memory list anymore.

To u husband let's be the best parent for azryl no matter what happen to us.
He is the only son i had and the only valuable possession that i ever had in my entire life.
May GOD bless us.
(I wish i can protect whatever i have but things sometimes are beyond our hand.)


Aan Andes said...

I don't know what happened, but whatever it is, you are such a strong and independent woman! Yup, don't let your emotion ruin Azryl's life. He deserves the best. And so are you. Take care ;)