Friday, August 13, 2010

Update on pumping session during Ramadhan

I want to update my pumping sessioon result during ramadhan atleast every three days.
During Ramadhan i already pump once at the office because i go back as early as 4 pm.On normal working days i will pump twice.Once in the morning around 10 a.m , the cesond pumping session will be on 4 pm.

first day: 3 oz

second day:4.5 oz

third day:4 oz.

To me ok la kot.As my boy pun dah makan,so i wont be worried so much tho dia still minum fm jugak.huhuhuhu.

In order to get that amount , i guessed my belly nearly explode with water,force myself to eat kurma(i hate kurma, sorry..),and without fail berbuka and bersahur minum milo and makan nasi.See macam mano nak kurus nih?hehehehe.Anyway wish me luck!!hope i can made it till the end of ramadhan.


shaliza said...

insyaAllah boleh...teruskan lah.

linziana said...

thanks shaliza. :)