Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 6 Months OLd Dear Prince!!!

Buzzing from mummy's office desks,

Happy birthday to u,

happy birthday to u,

u are born in the zoo ,

with a monkey and kangaroo.


No la baby u were born in HKL la lalink.Anyway see how fast time fly?Mummy still remember how very innocent the look on your face after freshly out from my tummy.U totally have no idea where were u till one of the nurse spank your butt to make u cry.heheheh,Anyway baby congratulations, u made it so far...tho your journey after all still milestone away..

Anyway my prince still has no sign of crawling...sit?oho i only can dream about it.Most probably i pampered him so much till he kind of lazy to do the explorer job.But he sure giggle alot.

Ok lets see what we should expect when our precious reach 6 months old:

Your Social 6-Month-Old

These days, your baby revels in her social-butterfly status. So take advantage of it. Expose baby to a variety of people during social outings; teach him to say "hi" and wave good-bye. While you're out and about, your baby will recognize his own name if it's called, and he'll turn to whoever calls it. When he wants to be picked up, baby will use not only her voice, but gestures like raised arms–and from a proud sitting position, no less. When you do pick baby up, be prepared for squeals of delight. (I noticed the prince will jump abit to make me carry him.Bless him 9 kilos baby is not that easy to carry wokeh?)

Milestones this month*

  • Your baby now can sit on her own. (not yet)

  • He rocks and pivots while lying on her stomach. (i do noticed it sometimes)

  • Baby can roll from her back onto her stomach–and back again. (yes its true)

  • He digs her fingers and toes into the floor to push herself toward a favorite toy. (err not yet)

  • Baby can eat a cracker. (haven't expose to him yet)

  • He can pick up a cereal ring or other small object. (no)

  • Baby has more than doubled her birth weight. (true)

  • He can say vowel-consonant combinations. (bu ba, does it counts?)

  • Baby expresses unhappiness when an object or toy is taken away. (sometimes)
    objects from one hand to another.

  • Baby looks for dropped toys. (true)
    iscovered herself in the mirror, and loves having conversations with this new little friend.

All babies have their own internal developmental timetable. If your 6-month-old hasn't yet reached these milestones, rest assured that she will in time. If you have concerns about your baby's development, discuss them with her doctor.

Sit up and take notice This is the month most likely to see your baby sit on his own and gain a whole new perspective on the world around him.

Once the teetering ends, baby will be able to reach for toys and play with them with perfect balance. If you're concerned that your baby isn't sitting up yet, keep in mind that some babies are closer to 9 months old before they master this skill. "Practice sessions" for sitting are helpful: Sitting on the floor, prop your baby up in the v-shape of your extended legs to help her get accustomed to this new position. And if your baby is still a bit on the chubby side, remember that it may be more difficult for himto keep his balance right now.

Lastly but not least, here is the picas when Azryl was 5 months and 6 days(yesterday).heheeh

Please ignore the mummy's super tired face.