Monday, August 23, 2010

Second Dose Of pneumochoccal and rotavirus vaccine


Hi Mommies !!How's Everyone?sihat semuanya?Mummy-mummy Pose tak ari ni?hehehe, kite pun pose jugak.

(Macam kanak-kanak ribena...maafkan ku kerana agak 'weng' di pagi hari dek kerana penat yang tak terhingga)

Ok , I just want to tell everybody that azryl managed to undergo his vaccination with smooth and easy, tho he was a bit shaky but he took it pretty well.Good boy.
He seemed to love his Paed so much .Before he was given the vaccination he laugh and laugh without stop.hehehe.

Overall he is now 71 cm with 9.8 kg body weight(Oh my....)..I thought he might be overweight but as usual the Dr will say no.He just have big frame.Blame the daddy.Coz Azryl Daddy pretty big and tall.

So we going to meet his Paed again for the next two month.(what a relief....)

Okie dokie, here i will attach two video of the crime scene where azryl keep laughing untill the dr jab him.Enjoy!!