Monday, August 16, 2010

A blast weekend with Big Elo and Elo junior

Hallu peeps!!

Last weekend was indeed very tiring but at the same time was totally awsome!!Azryl daddy managed to come back and joint us for break fasting at my house , i meant parent house.hehehe.

It seemed that Azryl totally missed His daddy.Always asked the daddy to carry him around.Haiyo...but as usual ur daddy wont let the son down.Tho he was so tired due to the long journey, he took u with a pleasant smile.Anything for u Prince.!!hehehe

Anyway, after i get Azryl to sleep,and help my mom in the kitchen,me and hubs finally can have a smoochy poo moments...just two of us cuddling each other...and then came out this conversation between me and him, really touched my heart coz my husband is a type that really hard to express the feelings or share his emotion with other people including me the wife.

hubs:Abang bangga sebab hunny pandai jaga anak.

me:kenapa pulak bukan ke biasa je semua tu, dah jadi mak kan...

hubs:hunny sabar dengan segala kerenah Azryl,banyak kali dia bangun malam tapi hunny tak

marah dia sikit pun,Azryl manja sangat.Ramai orang sayang dia.Abang sayang hunny..

Me:Rajinla balik selalu bang, sian Azryl...

And he kissed my forehead and we just hug each other...Aish...susahnya bila duduk berjauhan ni...

But to me it kept my love for him stronger then ever.Deep in my heart i knew There were alot of things to say , he just coudn't find suitable words.but i knew he loves both of us too much..I can see that.

Ok la..before i end this entry, i want to share Azryl picas captured by my bro and sis last weekend.


Aan Andes said...

Alalala comelnya Azryl. I know.. LDR sucks. You are such a strong woman. I can't imagine myself in ur shoes, so don't know lah hehe. But don't worry k..yg penting kasih sayang sentiasa mekar berbunga cewahhh :D

linziana said...

Heheheh aan..its hard la darl, dealing wif the emotions and so on..But i just have to have faith in him.... :)

So how's your fasting going on?still ooking at house?ehehehee.Your food picas make me hungry.