Monday, August 30, 2010

-Entry tiada tajuk-

salam mommies,

I was miserable since last weekend till now.I guessed when u became a mom your life changed totally 100%.huhuhuhu.Anyway I managed to fast till now.Alhamdullilah....
Thestory i am about to tell is I have been dreaming that i am pregnant again!!!OMG, scary and at the same time i am happy.But it was only a dream after all.I miss my preggiehood.Its beautiful.But i cant neglect my prince as well.I think he deserved 100% of my attention .Futhermore my c-sect wound need to heal first.Dont be hasty dear lin.hehehehe.
Day by day Azryl is slowly leaving his babyhood life and soon to enter a toddlerhood life...sob...sob...How i wish i can still hold him ..thight in my arms always..

P/s: Baju kurungku tak dibeli lagi...hehehe.Happy fasting peeps!!


Aan Andes said...

Me too..cepat betul derang besar kan. Rasa mcm tak puas peluk2 time they still hopeless hahaha. Anyway why change the url? Patut la me browse takde, so go back to ur profile :P