Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random churp during weekend.

The weather slightly gloomy, its noon and my son just having his afternoon nap.Probably wake up around three o'clock.Supposed to attend one of my bestfriend open house but i dun think azryl's condition allowed me to go.He will make alot of fuss and at the end of the day i will just walk out without eating anything.
so staying at home quietly and entertain his need is good idea.

I havent done my junior laundry yet.Just bought kiddie wash to wash his clothes.I need to pre wash my cd's as well.huhu..I also not yet finish reading books regarding gentle birth.And right now with the gloomy weather also make my mood even gloomier...

I have to really organize everything soon before junior pop up and say hi.The thing is whenever u want everything to be perfect ..thats why come this serabut feeling.But if u let it go with the flow and do necessary stuff only then it would turn out to be not that bad..

Okla i want to stop mumbling and babbling now.hehehehe.

Happy weekend everybody :)