Thursday, September 6, 2012

Positive Vibes for my birthing...

Oh ..positive energy please please come and surround me....with all the positive ion not the negative one please..hehehehe

Nowadays..whenever i got time..during lunch hour or late at night..i would definitely do some reading regarding gentle birth..there are two e-books i should finish before deliver.I am 100% considering of having VBAC.And i might consider to have lotus birth as well. :)

So  much to read but yet so little time.Whenever i got question there always a professional would help in this matter.Such as how to minimize the tear part at the perineum area..Do u know that our diet played important role in skin elasticity? I have no idea about that till i do some reading about it.Good healthy fats play important role for the elasticity of the skin especially at the perineum area and of course the way how u give birth.

Every night i will do the kegel exercise and visualize that my baby will come through the correct birth highway not the short cut one.hehehe.And always pat this enormous tummy nowdays.."Hey handsome, kindly help mummy to get u out to this world because i want to welcome u with my warm body and showered u with lots of love..the second u enter this world.Do not fear of anything because mummy and your brother will be always be with u...

Visualization is important in having gentle birth.Imagine the flower is blooming just like our cervix to open cm over cm until fully dilated.... and the baby is crowning..huhu so beautiful..

Anyway i am still doing some reading about successful VBAC.. watching some videos and i am truly inspired by this wonderful women..who had their successful VBAC whether at the hospital or at home..

P/s:Office mate kata perut i dah turun sikit.hehehehe.Nak dekat kah?I havent done laundry on the baby clothes yet.huhu..nedd some time to do this as the cuaca nowdays tak menentu la...haiyo...