Sunday, September 9, 2012

One step closer....

I have died every day waiting for u..
darling dont be afraid i have love u,
for a thousand years..
And love u for a thousand more....

Specially dedicated to both my guardian angels.Azryl and Adam..


My second baby boy will be name after the first Messenger of HIM..Adam.

Day by day my edd is getting closer..and Azryl tantrum has slowed down a bit.Seriously when u knew how to tackle the toddler after studied his attitude its will become much more easier to handle them

Azryl feel the presence of his brother.Deep in his heart he knew that soon he is going to be big brother.Nowdays..whenever i got free time snuggling with him in front of the tv, i will take his hand and asked him to say hi to his adik.huhu..He will say Hi adik. :)

Anyway, i have a lot  of time writting in my blog because usually around this time he will usually take his short nap.:)Kalu tak tido mulalah jap lagi..drama keaktifannya bermula.ade jer tak kena sebab badan letihkan..Dah la bangun awal.hmm..cari nahas kalu tak tido.

Tomorrow dah start kerja as usual .And i memang cuak la time nak balik kerja sekarang takut banjir kilat macam last tuesday.I stranded in the jam for bloody 5 hours woo..huhu..scary mak.

Harapnya esok baik baik aja..

till then  xoxoxo