Friday, September 14, 2012

Mari-mari menjamu mata... :)

Mari -mari membeli!!i was so into cloth diaper maniac or craze right now.I imagine my bam bam will look cute like the picture..hehehehehe.Sorry azryl kalu mummy tahu and belajar pasal cloth diaper ni dolu dolu, i would put this on your bottom tau.

Speaking about this...itti bitti is the most popular brand in aussie because of the cuteness and performance.I read alot of good review about this brand.Wether it is AIO, SIO even the tutto type.Its trim and not bulky at all.Easy to handle.Tho i still nee to watch youtube how to handle it especially washing them.Its quite pricey a bit but momantai..since got this only cost 66 ringgit per piece compared to 88 ringgit per piece.hehehehehehehhe.and get one free as well.
BummiaKids is currently taking order on this promo.Hurry up!! while stock last.

P/s :mummy buy tutto it will fits u adam from newborn till a year old . :).wink!wink!