Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Am stepping into 35 weeks today..Managed to come this far,with few minor heartbreak,but still manageable :).Still doing research about gentle birthing ,how to kembali kepada fitrah, :)

This final weeks , my body changed tremendously. From emotional side, to body side.I guessed adam is doing great inside my healthy womb.:)Wiggling,stretching u named it.hehehe..after this for sure i will missed this moment again..

But being pregnant also i tend to become more sensitive.Senang betul keluarkan air mata.Yang terbaru kes ibu muda camapk bayi yang baru dilahirkan kat luar tingkap.I dont judge her wrongly but dik u got choices dik.Tho i didnt know the truth behind it,u still got choices to repent whatever mistakes that u done.U can send the baby safely to Baby Hatch center.Anyway i believed the hikmah behind it.Only Allah know  what is behind the truth veil.

Oh baby Adam, as the time is very near to meet u,tak ada yang mummy buat melainkan berdoa agar kamu dilindungi sentiasa.U knew one thing Adam, i think your big brother will love u so much!Everythime Abang tertepuk mummy's belly he will say adik, soli..(sorry).hehehehe.Both of u are my angels sent from HIM to me.To be my sons ,it will take a great effort from both of u.It means that Both of u are strong mentally and emotionally.U will no matter  what course will fight towards the end and wont give up easily in any circumstances. Again sayang thank u for choosing me as your mother. :)

Insyaallah , we both can achieve gentle birth,and mummy welcome u with both heart and arm open. :)


Hanani said...

semoga semuanya dipermudahkan..amin

shaliza said...

InsyaAllah selamat. Banyak baca doa nabi Yunus tu:-)