Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Congratulations Dr Harlina!

Abang astronot kita yakni syeikh muzaffar bakal jadi ayah buat kali kedua.Amboi..very the produktif y'all!hehehee..sesuai dengan nak achieve target mereka 10 anak.Dang!Me tak mampu la jadi macam both of u.huhuhu...Anyway sweet bella bakal jadi big sister..and i just found out that Dr HArlina ada blog.She such a sweet mommy.Curious like us..being a mom and opcoz working like us..Dari curious about jenis diapers and baby food,formula milk..(by the way she fully breastfeed till she knew she was  pregnant.)and everything la about mommy stuff.Just like us..hehehe..From my opinion she is humble type..Bertuah abang sheikh nokks!

She is three months pregnant now..and the baby is going to be a 2013 baby.yeay!i think lahir dalam bulan 3 kot.I pray that she is going to have a smooth pregnancy journey and hope that her wish to get baby boy is granted by HIM.Congratulations ! :)


Hanani said...

yes, she is dia selalu citer tentang anak dia...sweet je..part belaja swimming yg best skali

linziana said...

tula kan..memang sesuai la couple ni.hehehe..tumpang happy untuk diorang :)

Tengku Fauziana said...

linziana pe nama blog dia?nk baca gak..

linziana said...

ni dia darl:

Memang dia jenis santai and simple..macam kite.hehehe