Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Chugger of mine :)


hehehe..Since the mummy kerja as a railway engineer, this cheeky lil'boy suke sangat tengok Chuggington.Menyanyi, menari time theme song played at Disney Junior tu..I hope i give u a basic idea on what u going to be bila besar nanti.Learning is fun me tak kisah u nak jadi apa but u have to know that learning is a never end process while u still alive.Even bila u reached your final breath pun people will teach u how to mengucap.

At your age everything is new to u..U like to venture this and that..Sometimes u made me exhausted.And since mummy right now carrying your lil brother..and excuse mummy's extra movement is very limited nowdays..I am sorry son..I should play with u more..Selagi mummy ade kudrat ni..We play together and sing together ok?

Like watching Chuggington and Lil tayo the bus. :)U love this two series very much.I know that u dont like to just sit and coloring the books..u like movements.U love singing the song..U love to learn while dancing..And mummy got to dance with u too..huhuhu..(harap tak ade orang skodeng this phat mummy while dancing.It looks so silly.

Ok la this entry is written by mummy because mummy start missing u while mummy reached the office.I hope u eat well at your nanny's house.Be good boy ok?love u son.

Here is your cheeky looking picture while dancing during the Chuggington theme song is played on tv last weekend.Mummy love this picture so much.:)


hawanie said...

comelnye azryl..gream tgk..hugs n kisses!!! :)))

Hani Shaklee said...

comeyl nyer dia..