Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catriona in memory

My sweet beloved of my manja anak buluss passed away last year.Yesterday was her birthday..4th of July.She died because of the non stop flue that affected her lungs.She died while me stroking her fur..I cried non stop and let her go peacefully on my lap.

Tho mummy had azryl and lil "a' but mummy never once forgot about u.Before azryl was born, U , aaron, kitty, inky lighted my life.Everyday u will wait for me at the door .Aaron your brother is more manja compared to u.But u such a sweet lil princess.I hope u enjoyed to the fullest in heaven,

Right now aaron, kitt and inky are under my parent care.Your brother is healthy and playfull but when u died he was a bit down..Now he is fully recovered and he got alot of fur friends at my parent house.Dont u worry ok angel?

Baby u always in my heart.Mummy loves u..always

My sweet angel


Maria Rajab said...

comelnya dia

linziana said...

Haah maria memang comel.Tapi dah tak ade...huhuhu....sob..sob..

hawanie said...

tumpang sedih...sebak...comel betul..