Monday, April 1, 2013


To whom it may concern,

I've been tru a nightmare which is the last thing every parent in this whole planet hoped for..seeing a dying baby in front of or eyes..saying good bye before he start to open his eyes..

U cannot saying nasty words towards me without knowing what really happened, u cant make assumption by saying i was bad.The only thing that trouble u is u cant accept the fact what was written to my faith...No doubt i was a second wife to my husband but he cared me more than i was treated by you.At least i felt more loved.At least i found my own way to make me useful in this planet for u always saying i was the useless scumbag in the universe, I was a whore that dont deserved anything at all.U wish i was never been born.

All i can say..thank u for everything.Your nasty words, your meant behavior is made what i am today.For i know how to survive ALONE with GOD help.


Unknown said...

sabar ye lin..semoga lin sihat ceria dan gembira..itu doa maria..

pssst bila nak dating dgn lin nth..hehe..

Moonchild said...

lin, pe khabar? lama nye menyepi..

harap2 lin sekeluarga sihat selalu.
abaikan jer la manusia2 yg berniat jahat tu ek..

smoga lin tabah n bahagia slalu...